Fourth NanoWorld Conference in Paris

The NanoWorld Journal (NWJ) will host the fourth edition of NanoWorld Conference in Paris on March 4-6, 2019, covering nanotechnologies and nanosciences. Keynotes and featured speakers from reputed academic institutions and cutting edge nanotechnological companies will discuss the transition of nanotechnologies and nanosciences from research laboratories to commercial applications and products in order to benefit the society.

On March 4-6 2016, NWJ under the joint sponsorship of United Scientific Group (USA), NanoWorld High Tech LLC (USA) and Fondazione EL.B.A Nicolini (Italy) will host the fourth edition of NanoWorld Conference at Paris (France), Paris Marriott Charles De Gaulle Airport Hotel, (NWC Paris-2019) around the theme “Useful Science and Technology for a Just World” with an unprecedented gathering of the technological experts and creative thought leaders from reputed universities, industries, government laboratories and agencies. The previous three editions were held in Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA in USA. NWC Paris-2019 aims to continue a platform for discussing advanced solutions through nanotechnology and nanoscience for the problems facing the world in the key sectors of energy, environment, space, hardware and cancer with the involvement of overall society. The conference organizing committee welcomes the world’s leading innovators, experts, scholars from many technology and industry sectors to add new elements to the existing scientific and commercial developments. NWC Paris welcomes all participants, contributors, and speakers to the outstanding conference and welcomes to the City of Paris for the hospitality.

Keynote Speaker

Claudio Nicolini
Foreign Member Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Professor Arizona State University, USA
Professor Moscow State University, Russian Federation
NanoWorld Journal Editor In Chief
NanoWorld High Tech LLC and Fondazione ELBA Nicolini, Italy.

Symposium Speakers

Eugenia Pechkova, University of Genova, Italy
Christian Riekel, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France
Carlo Ventura, Bologna University, Italy
Davide Nicolini, European Space Agency, France
Boris Gouseletov, Moscow Russia Academy of Science Institute, Russian Federation
Alexei Khokhlov, Vice President Russian Academy Sciences, Russian Federation

Participation to this Conference as Speaker require submission and acceptance of corresponding paper to the NanoWorld Journal by March 1, 2019.

Additional Symposia moderated by Editorial Board Members have poster and selected research presentations designed to range on topics related to science and technology. The term NanoWorld was first coined in 2000 by Prof. Claudio Ando Nicolini, President NanoWorld Institute, Italy. Please take the time to read our journal at and use our official email id: for any communication to avoid being misled.

About Organizer: NanoWorld Journal (NWJ) is a quarterly peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, letters to editor, and technical notes on Nanotechnology and Nanosciences. The scope of the NWJ is centered in the key sectors from which depends human progress and survival, with the aims to enhance worldwide cooperation in Research and Development.

Scientific Sessions

Together We will explore new possibilities and immerse ourselves in this outstanding community of
professionals dedicated to improve the Nanotechnology and Nanosciences.

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